Sections of cores from drilling showing high-grade nickel and copper

High-Grade Carbon-Neutral Nickel in Quebec

Power Nickel's flagship NISK project is a carbon-neutral source of high-grade nickel and other battery metals.

Located in Quebec, Canada the NISK project benefits from an abundant supply of low-carbon hydropower and carbon-capture technology that uses NISK's ultramafic tailings to help offset the mine's emissions.

  • Carbon-Neutral: Carbon capture technology using the ultramafic tailings found at NISK can be used to sequester more carbon than the project will emit. Read our ESG & Sustainability Report
  • High-Grade: NISK contains high-grade class-1 nickel with intercepts including 18.5m of 2.00% NiEQ and 26.6m of 1.98% NiEQ. See our highlights and full dataset.
  • Low-Cost: Access to inexpensive and abundant hydropower from a Hydro-Québec substation across the road, plus generous tax incentives and a shallow mineral depth.
  • World-Class Mining Jurisdiction: The Quebec and Canadian governments combined offer tax credits that cover 50% of exploration cost, which means Power Nickel can spend $2 exploring for every $1 invested.
  • Established Infrastructure: NISK is located beside a major highway with a Hydro-Quebec substation across the road and a nearby town with an airport.
  • Mineralizations for Multiple Battery Metals: High-grade intercepts for Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Palladium and Platinum; such as 7.75m of 1.47% Copper, 5.71g/t Palladium and 20.76g/t Platinum, including 1.75m of 3.90% Copper, 19.97g/t Palladium and 90.60g/t Platinum.

2024 Roadmap
Next Steps for Power Nickel

Expand Nisk Resources

  • Q1 2024: Begin testing potential new pods ANT 1-4 for mineralization to add new zones to NISK Main.
  • Throughout 2024: Continue exploration with dedicated drilling rigs for each pod, aiming to increase resources and enhance geological understanding, building on the recently published NI 43-101 of 7.2 million tonnes including 5.43 million tonnes (Indicated) and 1.79 million tonnes (Inferred).

Complete CVMR Feasibility Study

  • Q1 2024: Receive results of benchmark studies conducted by CVMR.
  • Q2 2024: Obtain prototype results.
  • Q3 2024: Finalize and release the CVMR Feasibility Study report, potentially highlighting a 30% improvement in mineral recovery.

Spin Out Copper and Gold Assets into a Newco via a Plan of Arrangement

  • Q1 2024: Announce terms of the Plan of Arrangement.
  • Q2 2024: Complete the Plan of Arrangement, expecting to secure funding for initial plans and utilize Ambient Noise Tomography in Chile.

Complete Sale of Royalty at Teck Owned Copaquire

  • H1 2024: Aim to finalize the sales process for existing royalty rights on the Copaquire project.

Complete Sale of 10% Stake in Power Nickel and 10% Offtake at Power Nickel to Industry

  • H1 2024: Finalize the sale of a 10% stake and a 10% offtake agreement on NISK's production, leveraging funding benefits from Canadian tax incentive programs.

Continue to Vigorously Defend Shareholders from Predatory Short Sellers

  • Ongoing 2024: Maintain legal and advocacy efforts against illegal short selling practices, working with regulatory bodies and industry groups.

Growing Demand for Nickel

$16,505.00 USD/T
LME Nickel Price (February 21, 2024)

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