Power Nickel Focused on Building the World's First High-Grade, Carbon-Neutral Nickel Mine in Quebec

Power Nickel Inc. CEO Terry Lynch joins Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has released 3 more assay results from Nisk project near James Bay, Quebec. Lynch telling Proactive the latest results from drill holes PN-23-025, 027 and 028 have successfully expanded the high-grade intersection in drill hole PN-22-009 by 75 metres depth and 150 metres of strike. The Nisk Main zone, with each set of assays having large high-grade intercepts, shows the potential for a commercial resource. The company is planning a new NI 43-101, which should be completed in late August or September. The company is currently using advanced technologies to fine-tune drilling locations and plans to begin a 15,000-meter drilling program in mid-July.
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Steve - 
All right, welcome back inside our proactive newsroom and joining me now is Terry Lynch. He's the CEO of Power Nickel and Terry. Welcome back. Nice to see you again.

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
Great to be here, Steve. Thanks for having us on.

Steve - 
Yeah, excited. Another big news release out from the company. More drill results from NIS and, and I guess Terry these three holes that you're releasing pretty well have follow suit with what you've released in the past is that, is that sort of the message you want to send?

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
That's the message, the message is the hits keep on coming, you know. So it's honestly the best ore body I've ever had the privilege of exploring. We've had five ... results out now and everyone's had a trophy hole and 60% of the holes have hit like 1% nickel or better. And I mean, that's just unusual and, and the fact that this thing is so big, you know, it's like we obviously got our core deposit, but we stepped out five kilometers away and hit, you know, eight m of 11 ounce P G M , i mean, this is a, this is a special project. It's really exciting and, and obviously just more evidence today that we're continuing to execute and deliver the goods.

Steve - 
Yeah, so the holes they released today have really showed that the high grade intersection is growing and is that a way to look at this as well?

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
That's it. And, basically, when mining companies really make the move, you know, where investors make the money and mining is when a play goes from being an exploration play to being perceived as commercial and so to be commercial, you have to have grade and tonnage. So every assay that comes out shows grade and tonnage being added. So this becomes, you know, in my mind, it's commercial now it's surely gonna be overwhelmingly apparent to everyone in the world. That's the case and there'll be a major re-evaluation as a result.

Steve - 
And so I know you're still working on the new NI 43 101. So when do you expect that new resource to be out, Terry?

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
Yeah, we had hoped to have it out in the end of July and had a couple of delays just on the metallurgical processing side of things. Nothing, just more facility stuff. Anyway, it's gonna be end of August, early September when we get the metallurgical study complete. And so the 43 101 will be out in Q3, probably mid September is our expectation.

Steve - 
OK. And just real quick update on the drilling. Are you still drilling now or are you gonna do?

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
No, we're stopped right now. And we basically, we're deploying the fleet space technology as the ambient noise tomography to, you know, in conjunction with the airborne EM that we just did to sort of fine tune our drilling locations. So we'll be starting our 15,000 m program in mid July. It's fully funded as you know. So we'll be good to go in mid July with some very exciting prospects.

Steve - 
All right, we look forward to it. Terry, thanks for the update. Good to talk to you again.

Terry Lynch (CEO of Power Nickel) - 
Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Road going into NISK project

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